Between The End and The Beginning

Tiong Chai Heing

Exhibition runs through 15 Nov

Chai Heing is amazed by chemical reactions — their ever-changing state and form piques her curiosity. The fact that the world is made up of tiny particles astonishes her and that cultivates her interest in depicting objects beyond their superficial appearance. Her experience with long term care for an autistic sibling has also influenced her to pay attention to the rejected ones in society and to relate to the derelict state of abandoned objects. Chai Heing uses unwanted textiles and various used materials to elude her statement. Her works imply that the processes of depletion and exhaustion are the keys to complete the nature’s cycle.

In this solo exhibition titled “Between the End and the Beginning”, Tiong’s new body of works is an indication of her reconciliation with inevitable endings of chapters in life, and the demonstration of optimism one eventually develops after battling with inner chaos. She uses oil paint and found objects to portray what seems to be a black hole in the woods. Glares of light are projected in the foreground near the viewer, forming an invitation to further explore what’s deep inside the darkness. An abstract concoction of chaos and curiosity, Tiong’s works are intended as a metaphor of the state of mind one could have when confronted with changes and unknown situations in life.