The Apotheca

The ‘Apotheca’ is a conceptual space carved within the Main Gallery. This space is demarcated from the main gallery for the showcase of thought-provoking art pieces which are contextually rich, hinging upon extensive research, or site-specific creation by artists who adopt unconventional methods of delivery belt in terms of medium or approach or concept.

The word ‘Apotheca’ literally means a ‘storehouse’ in Latin, When Tomé Pires first set sail in his sojourn to the East some 500 years ago, little did he know that he would not only leave his historical marks as a diplomat and apothecary. His cabinet of curiosities which is a space devoted for his exotic finds hidden inside the ‘Carrack’ (Portuguese merchant ship) has also invoked in us where an adventurous slant could lead one to, in pursuit of new ground. At Suma Orientalis, we named it the ‘Apotheca’, with the anticipation of chemistry sparked by the philosophical discourse happening here.

Past Show