Alicia Lau, Amierul Iskandar Hamdzan, Amirul RoslanBakir BaharomChok Ming HoongHaslin IsmailPutra NazriRyuna Lee, Syukur Rani, Viko Zhijune 

16 – 24 February 2019

A message starting with the line “Hi, is everything fine?” is more often than not, heart-warming. Nevertheless, reading it in the context of a professional relationship among the stakeholders of an art project, could render different interpretation. The greeting line serves as a door-opener for the inkling on the latest motion of the common subject – which is the art project in this case.

“Tikitiboo”, derived from the native language during British occupation of India, bears the meaning “everything’s fine and alright”. While etymological studies led us to believe that the British airmen borrowed this expression from their Indian subordinates and re-adapted it phonetically for daily use, it inevitably lends a sense of tension within the social and hierarchical context.

Similarly, tension and friction exist in creation and discussion of art. “Tikitiboo?” leads to conversations, which open up the potential for justification, destruction or recalibration of ideas and eventually push the ideation process to the limit.

“Tikitiboo” lineage of exhibitions and projects thus embodies our intention of exposing milestones of artistic processes, which would aggregate the narration in a long run, and be evident in validating the artists’ statements.

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