Impermanence Is The Antidote Of Frailness

Tiong Chai Heing

18 May – 2 June 2019

Being brought up in an oil palm estate, Tiong Chai Heing has been fascinated with the life cycle of oil palm trees. Running in the enchanted woods, she does not stop wondering what lies in the treacherous stretch of the estate.

Delving deep into the natural patterns of withering forms epitomise her painting style. The manipulation of the canvas and materials including fabric extracted from used wedding gowns, does not only grant the works a craggy, delineative texture, but also subtly allude to the nimiety of man’s creation and the rejected in the society.

This elemental exploration has lead to an abysmal discerning on the material pursuits of umpteen feats and the vulnerability of lives in front of nature’s altar. Mankind’s struggle is not more profound than any grit in the eons of time, while the only persisting subject, is the quietus of all lives. Tiong’s works akin the visual rhythm of the shrivelling palm leaves and surrounding overgrowth to the final reconciliation with the hubbub of human lives, and finally redeeming the transcendence to atemporality.

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