The Species of Spaces

Chong Kok Choon


Moving forward from his Sacred River series and Lost Soul series, Chong extends his photographic sense to the invisible segments of the surrounding. The world is developing at the most rapid rate we have never experienced before. Elements of town planning which have gone obsolete, remain standing in the city without being noticed by the inhabitants. Graffiti, vandalism, sticking and removal of bills, take over the bygones in the natural course of time. Chong’s new body of works The Species of Spaces provides an oxymoronic glimpse into the unconscious, concerted mark-making in which a unique sense of aesthetics arises, out of spaces open to public access. Chong’s examination of such spaces is not about the void, but the void itself has evolved into a universe of its own. 





2 – 17 March 2019


Suma Orientalis
Hours: 11am-7pm, Wednesday to Monday

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