Programme  |  Art Chat 2.0

After Art School, What's Next?

11am – 12.30pm, 30 June 2018

About twenty people turned up at this second art chat session. Among those present were the art educators, collectors, archivist, emerging, mid career and senior artists as well as art students. The session began with a brief introduction on what is happening on the ground through personal observations before a casual musical chair survey was made, first to the art educator present, then to the fresh graduates, some mid career artists with the collectors chipping in their thoughts and as the session went along, many shared their humble beginnings and how they made their way through. It was an interesting analysis as the senior artists, mid-career artists and fresh graduates, were all from various backgrounds, art schools and countries.

Through the circumspect of collectors, the gauge used is commitment. Thus it was ideal for fresh artists to begin their career preferably right after art school, participating in art competitions, group exhibitions and community projects but if fund is an issue, the alternative would be to obtain an art-related job so it could run parallel to their desired career in art. Participants were also given handy hints on art pricing, prolificacy and conduct.

The session began at 11.15am and ended at 12.45pm.