Programme  |  Art Chat 1.0

How Do Artists Survive Harsh Competition

11am – 12.30pm, 17 March 2018

What is Art Chat?

‘Art Chat’ is a series of casual dialogues centred around topics people in the arts circle care about. To gain a more balanced perception of the dynamics highlighted, we recognise the need to invite inputs from all quarters in the entire circle to participate so we could:

1. examine each peculiar situation from differing perspectives;
2. all benefit from the sharing – given a broader and more inclusive representation; and
3. skew distorted / lopsided views and perception of things or situations.

ART CHAT is NOT an art lecture. All attendees are expected to actively participate in the conversation.


1. To collectively explore, share and learn through one another’s experiences, encounters and insights in overcoming issues highlighted albeit as an art student, academician, curator, critic, artist, gallerists, collector etc;
2. To dispel myths and vagaries enveloping the art ecology to help stimulate a better understanding and fascination towards art;
3. To mingle and facilitate closer rapport amongst attendees as well as to cultivate mutual support in overcoming difficulties and obstacles when facing peculiar situations.

The first in the ART CHAT series,


had a surprising turnout. The array of participants include senior, mid career and junior artists, students, collectors, auctioneers, appraisers and curators all proactively engaging in a lively discourse. In the opening address, the artists community of Yogyakarta were highlighted. Jogja as it is more famously known is a thriving artist colony despite the lack of marketing opportunities and, as one would expect a hostile environment due to competition, they were surprisingly communal and cooperative towards each other,. The dynamics were unravelled better with the presence of the Curator from ARTjog, Ignatia Nilu enlightening those present on how things work over there. In the final outcome, suggestions for ‘Open Studios’ as a means of supportive interactions between artists were proposed. Trust is also another “KEY’ factor to dispel individualism amongst artists.

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