Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2019: Superstructure

‘Superstructure’ is a word commonly used in the building industry to denote anything that is erected on or above the ground. Thus, it relates to visual art in the form of free standing sculptures hence the title of this exhibition, which features two artists, namely Nakayama Hitori and Jacky Cheng.

The viewers are invited to observe how form, when reduced to the simplest of symmetry and shape, can transcend the fine line between art and architecture, depending on its scale of execution. At the same time, when the viewers dwells deeper into the hidden and unseen forms which quietly shape the geometry, the visual experience becomes endearingly therapeutic.

Nakayama Hitori, an established Japanese conceptual artist, mathematically formulates his prototype sculptures. His noted public art commissions include the 26-metre high ‘A Celebration of Our Blue Sky’ in Penang (2008) and the 30-metre ‘Parallel Rainbow’ (1989-90) in Saipan Island, United States Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands. There will be a continuous exhibition of Nakayama’s works at Suma Orientalis gallery commencing on 29 June 2019.

Meanwhile, Jacky Cheng, an Australian-trained architect who has turned into a fine art lecturer, meticulously creates intuition-driven works which consist of manually cut and stacked archival paper.