Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2019: Malaysian Identity

Alex Leong, Ch’ng Kiah Kiean, Khoo Cheang Jin

Ruang @ Thinkcity

22 Jun – 7 July 2019

Every ethnic group has its own place of worship in Malaysia. When the main immigrant races of Chinese and Indian, together with the Thais, Arabs, Sumatrans, Burmese, Singhalese and many others made this thriving entrepôt their home, they too brought their own religious practices with them. Thus sprung these places of worship sometimes found juxtaposing and clustering against each other in one single street alone, others are but shrines annexed to shophouses or Rain Trees. Their endearing festivities along with their trademark architecture fascinates both the inhabitants and tourists alike and as such, many painters have chosen these temples, churches, mosques, and gurdwaras as their favourite subjects. These painters often draw many curious onlookers, as they sat under the shade of five foot ways or trees unperturbed by the attention they received, doing what they love best — to capture the spirit and mood of these templescapes in the most unique of angles, with the sun biting their skin. This exhibition celebrates the tireless effort and energy of such artists. The artworks are notably sourced from the distinguished collection of Prof. Dr Krishna Gopal Rampal as well as from participating artists, some of whom are practicing architects.

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