Truncated Cameo

Tune Zikri

10 – 25 November 2018

Tune Zikri examines relationships and its taboo by stripping off and laying bare the struggles each person needs to grapple with concerning identity, morality, behaviour and the social acceptability towards them. Discerning about where the breaking point is when love becomes hate, and the degrees of exposure to sustain relationships of different levels intrigue him.

Be it private or public level, his contrasting narratives have people covering their personas when approached on this subject.

So where, he is asking, does one draw the line between strict moral behaviour and frenzied freedom? What makes people draw or distance themselves from others? Do people carry different personas throughout the day?

As opinions intertwine into contorted puzzles, religiosity becomes apparent. But as opposites attract and evenness repel, wouldn’t those with bent morals find company with those whose morality and sexual promiscuity are at opposing ends?

Issues such as this may hit observers in more ways than one or it may not mean anything at all to the liberalist but it is an issue beckoned to exist because of the varied opinions of people. That counts.

Discover more on Fauzan Omar

Discover more on Fauzan Omar