Wong Xiang Yi
B. 1987, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Wong Xiang Yi graduated with a Master in Fine Art from Taipei National University of Fine Arts, Taiwan (2016). She also has a degree in fine art from Chinese University of Hong Kong (2010). She majors in ink painting, which set the foundation for her hybrid style between the traditional Ling-nan style and Nihonga, a Japanese painting style.

Xiang Yi is passionate and curious about gender issues. Her works explore “boy’s love” — a sub-culture commonly shown in Japanese manga, evolving into a less concealed choice of lifestyle today. She postulates that the “boy’s love” culture could serve as a window for the understanding of the younger generation’s behaviour in contemporary age. Her paintings portray intimacy and brevity of closeness between friends of the same sex hoping to discover the bonds and ties that bind these relationships together.

Xiang Yi completed her yearlong residency with Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia in 2018. She was featured in “100 Painters of Tomorrow” (Kurt Beers, published by Thames & Hudson Ltd, 2014) which was launched in Christie’s London.

Her solo exhibitions includes “Casually Peeking” (Suma Orientalis, 2019), “Moisture” (Telling Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018), “Whispering Void” (Artify Gallery, Hong Kong, 2016) and “Ze•Ph•Yr” (The A-lift Gallery “Checkpoint”, Hong Kong, 2013). Her selected group exhibitions include “(ROOM) NO. 7” (Telling Arts, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei And Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, 2016, “ArtLondon” (A.Lift Gallery, London, 2014), “Unspoken Tales: Dreams And Emotions” (Artify Gallery, Hong Kong, 2013), “Octave” (The A-lift Gallery ‘PROJECT’, Hong Kong, 2013, “Ink Art In The New Century” (Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong, 2010).

Xiang Yi currently lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Private collections in Malaysia and abroad

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