Suma Orientalis


To You I Surrender My Vanity

Eng Hwee Chu (artist) and Sophia Shung (editor)
2017. Suma Orientalis Art Auctions Sdn Bhd
Hardcover, 28.7 cm x 20.5 cm, 144 pages
Text in English
ISBN: 9789671548905
RM120 excluding postage and delivery

Product Description

This archival book, in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name, is a celebration of what is to be an extension of an artist’s mid-career, one who has continued to intrigue the art scene with her own unique style.

Her signature style has been described as Feministic whilst another scholar coined it as “Magical Realism”. But her paintings portray emotions and subjective interpretations rather than actual physical reality although most canvasses of hers embody figurative of people familiar to her surroundings. As such, her peculiar style reflects a co-relation with Figurative Expressionism from the early 1900s and a limbo between the Social Realists “Guo Hua” style or National Painting, the China Cultural Revolution Art of 1960s and the 1920s Shanghai “Lian Huan Hua” style. Sensuality, decadents and morbid truths are essential features in her composition. Her works evoke emotions and the state of helplessness. In a way, they lead the viewers into intimacy with the weaker sex.