Sherman Ong: Nusantara

25 Aug 2018

“Making films is like a spiritual pilgrimage for me to understand myself, channelling the experiences of my forebears and connecting
with the history of this region.” – Sherman Ong

Apotheca showcases two short films, ‘I Want to Remember’ and ‘The Warm Breeze of Winter’, from Sherman Ong’s Nusantara, which is the artist’s effort in exploring the history of Southeast Asia and the obscure backwash it has on the people. These short films were shown in Yinchuan Biennale 2016.

‘I Want to Remember’
A man in an interrogation room remembers his time with his lover when the two countries were one. When the countries separated in 1965, his lover ended their relationship to follow her family. He remembers his carefree past with laughter and tenderness, disappointments and sadness, but never with regret.

‘The Warm Breeze of Winter’
Fei visits her mother’s hometown with her ashes, amidst the
preparation to celebrate the remerger between Malaysia and Singapore.

25 Aug 2018
3pm – Screening in Artist’s Presence
4pm – Artist’s Talk
5pm – Screening in Artist’s Presence

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Still hungry for more? We are showing this at the Main Gallery as well.

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