Ch'ng Kiah Kiean

Chulia Street, Nagore Shrine, Penang, 2019, Watercolor on Paper, 37.5x74cm

Alex Leong

Kapitan Keling Mosque Side Entrance, 2018, 35x26cm Watercolour

Khoo Cheang Jin

Tiong Chai Heing, Suma Orientalis

Tiong Chai Heing

Detail, What Are You Looking At, 2019, Lightbox With Printed Photographs On OHP Sheet, 92x127cm

Ong Cai Bin

The Spiral Dream Of A Third Eye, 2017, Photogram, Soft Pastel, 157x148cm.

Ricardo Chavez Tovar

Suma Orientalis, Jane Stephanny

Jane Stephanny

Donald Abraham, Suma Orientalis

Donald Abraham

Fortune Teller

Askandar Unglehrt

Sherman Ong

Sherman Ong

Jacky Cheng, Longing, 2018, 56x39cm, Acid-Free 110gsm Archival Paper, Hahnemühle Paper, Oil Paint (Details)

Jacky Cheng

Suma Orientalis, Chong Kok Choon

Chong Kok Choon

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